10+ Best Meditation Apps for Moms (Android & iOS)

August 6, 2020

Are you a soon to be mom and the birth of your child and everything that follows is adding a lot of stress in your life? Or is your kid growing up and sometimes you feel out of depth on the increasing challenges of how to raise them? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one experiencing such tension.

With children come a huge load of responsibilities that turn your life, body, schedule topsy-turvy. It happens to a lot of moms and at one point of time a mother is bound to feel overwhelmed. However, instead of brushing it under the rug, moms should find some inner peace and calmness so that they can raise their kids with no hiccups.
Meditation has a lot of benefits and has proved to be an effective stress-reliever. According to scientists, even 10-15 minutes of mindful meditation can drastically reduce any fears, worries and anxiety. During pregnancy, practising meditation can even help promote a positive character in the baby along with the mother.

Before you worry about contacting a guru that can help you we are here with a list of the best meditation apps that are immensely worthwhile and can assist you in practising meditation anytime anywhere!. 

Sanity & Self (Android) 

This app has one mission: to provide self-care to women in a simple way that can be easily incorporated to their hectic schedule. It isn’t just a meditation app and it focuses on the overall mindfulness and healing of moms and moms-to-be. It comprises sessions and podcasts that make you feel heard and helps reduce your worries. You can also contact an expert of your choice directly and get support or advice on any matter that’s concerning you. The goal of Sanity & Self is to make you feel BETTER. 

sanity and self

Mindhouse – Modern Meditation (Android) 

The app employs the use of various scientifically proven yoga and meditation techniques. By regular practise through its live sessions moms who are tense will notice an improvement in their focus, sleep schedule and will experience a more relaxed state of mind. It consists of sessions like Work from Home productivity tools, breathing exercises, soothing music, yoga videos which you can avail anytime you want. Additionally, it also offers live sessions where you can join other moms. And if you can take some time out, you can also visit their studio in Delhi to practice in a calming environment. 


Calm Birth (iOS)

As the name suggests, it is a simplified meditation app that helps expecting mothers go through their pregnancy and even the birth of their child. It used three methods that are based on meditation science whose techniques have been in use since 1997. Firstly, there’s a 14-minute video “Breathe” which pacifies the pregnant mother and infuses positive energy. Followed by “Rest” – which aims to relax the mother. Lastly, there’s a video called “Heal” which focuses on compassionate breathing. 

calm birth

Medito (Android) 

Based on a combination of ancient and recent techniques, the app offers guided as well as non-guided meditation for its users. Equipped with over hundreds of hours of content on topics like mental health, emotional well-being, the app helps mothers to be less stressed and less anxious. Through its courses that range from beginner to intermediate, mothers can improve their general well being and a lot more. 


Mindwell: Mood & Sleep Lab (Android)

If you have tried meditation and you find your mind wandering then Mindwell is the app for you. By using custom tones and frequencies, it aids in the synchronization of your brainwave to help you meditate with more focus. You can also create a personalized daily meditation program according to your schedule. What’s more? The app’s Sleep Lab can assure you of a good night’s sleep and you can track the progress you have made in meditation. 


Breathing Room (Android)

With the help of a tried and tested meditation flow, this app world towards engaging all your senses to help you inspire and be consistent while practicing meditation. As mothers only have a limited amount of time to themselves, the app has an ever-expanding library of meditations for any particular purpose like breathing, sleeping, or managing stress. It also features relatable topics for mothers and experts that can help navigate your tension. 

breathing room

Zen (iOS)

What sets Zen apart from the rest of the apps is that it is equipped with meditation music that was specifically composed for the app by professionals. The music was recorded at a frequency of 432 kHz which, according to experts, has a favorable effect on the human nervous system. By practicing pranayama through this app, which comes with a useful breathing timer and a detailed guide on the exercise, you can truly achieve peace of mind. 


Declutter The Mind Meditation (iOS)

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced meditator, this app has courses that are suitable for every category. It offers guided meditations on a variety of topics like sleep, tensity, work pressure, anxiety, etc. Additionally, it also has various unique courses like the 30-day mindfulness course for beginners or the 10-day loving-kindness course. These courses are led by a practitioner with over 14 years of experience and help to ease your mind. 


Sattva (Android)

This app offers more than a hundred videos on guided meditations that range from 6 minutes to an hour to suit your availability of time. It is also equipped with Sacred SOunds like chants and mantras and soothing music to help you meditate. You can easily track your meditation progress through the in-app stats and even set new goals for yourself. The most distinctive feature of the app is the inclusion of tranquil and serene music tracks that serve as background music for the teachings imparted by Gurudev Shri Sri Ravi Shankar. 


Wellness Coach (Android)

If you are looking to interact with meditation coaches, gurus, fitness, and wellness experts to get advice from them then Wellness Coach is the way to go. Every day, there are new live classes on the app which you can join. In addition to that, the app also has several bedtime stories and relaxing soundtrack that are expanded weekly to assist you or your kids if either of you is having trouble sleeping. Aside from practicing mindful meditation, the app also focuses on fitness by including features to practice Yoga and Cardio. 

wellness coach

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