5 Best Speed Math Apps for Children

July 13, 2020

The way education is imparted to today’s generation is drastically different than it was before. Now, with the boon of technology, children can learn in the comfort of their home on their laptops and iPads. Maths, however, is a tricky and complicated subject. But with the help of apps maths can become an interesting and riveting subject for your child and they can excel in class. Thanks to these math apps, children learn not to rely on a calculator and develop calculating, analysing and strategic skills on their own. According to experts, these apps can assist your child in building confidence while tackling a difficult problem. 

In this influx of apps, parents can get confused on what app will be best suited for their child’s needs. This is why we have compiled a list of apps that will teach kids maths through games and quizzes in an interactive and fun way. These apps will not only help in increasing the speed and accuracy of your child while doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division but also help them build a base for math concepts that will be very helpful as they reach higher classes. 

Best Free Math Apps For Your Kids

Rocket Math

With Rocket Math each and every student can learn basic concepts of maths without any complication. This app has been scientifically designed specifically to guarantee a successful way of learning. The Rocket Math Online Game has been designed in such a way that it teaches children facts about math in an easy and fun manner so they can pick up concepts quickly. The game lets students be placed in one of ten learning tracks: the basic 1s through 9s for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, it also includes Add to 20, Subtract from 20, Fact Families, and 10s-11s-12s. If your child gets stuck at any point, they are offered instant help and their mistake is corrected in a way that teaches them not to repeat it. The app has been proven successful in many schools and teachers vouch for its resourcefulness as the app can show personalized data for the growth of individual scholars.


This award winning app visual math app for kids reels the children’s attention through magical adventures with the help of a cartoon numerical character called Nooms. With the help of Nooms, children solve addition and subtraction problems in an interactive and visualizing way.
For kids ages 4 to 9, DragonBox Numbers teaches them to solve basic math problems. WIth DragonBox Big Numbers, meant for kids aged 5 to 9, they are taught how to solve more advanced mathematical questions by taking them through an adventure where they collect and barter resources. Even older kids can avail the use of this app and learn more complex math topics like algebra and geometry through the help of the DragonBox series.

The app was built with the help of education experts, teachers, cognitive scientists and game developers in a bid to make the math game app addictive and exciting so that the kids can learn concepts at their own pace while also enjoying it. The only drawback the app has is that the duration of the game is quite short, however, the graphics of the fun learning app more than makes up for it.

Operation Math

This app contains more than 100 exciting missions that help teach kids addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The exciting spy game combines basic math drill with introduction to geography as the player defeats Dr Odd and earns gears by going through the adventure that takes place in locations like Paris and Egypt.

The app is custom made with kids above age 6 as this is the prime age for children to learn basic maths and play exciting games. The different missions with various skill levels offer fun and cool rewards that inspire the player to solve the math problem and achieve their goals. The 21 training levels in the app tracks whether the solution is correct or not and assists the player in completing learning based missions.

It also has a cool function that lets you create three custom player profiles on the same device in case you have multiple kids. 

Quick Maths – Arithmetic & Times Table Game

A high-speed, flash card type game, the Quick Math – Multiplication Table & Arithmetic Game puts a child’s math skills to the test. With this app, doing times tables and working on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division turn into an exciting and challenging game by timing and tracking the progress levels of the player. A kid can choose to do a set of 20 problems according to the difficulty level.

The main focus of the game is to build accuracy and speed as they are the most important tools needed to solve an arithmetic problem. The app focuses on building fluency, so kids don’t get much instruction. However, they get plenty of practice with key arithmetic and estimation skills. Kids are working on one problem, they see the next one coming up. This helps them improve speed and estimation, which are powerful tools when trying to master core math skills and improve a child’s confidence while doing maths sums.


This app is designed a way that it aligns math problems according to the child’s curriculum with short, fun and engaging exercises. As it is designed by math teachers specifically, it can adapt according to the level of your child’s level and ability. Children are encouraged to complete small tasks everyday and with just 10 minutes of a day, a child can boost their confidence and excel in solving math problems. The tasks include various topics from maths that are best suited for the child’s ability which is followed by a short assessment task to help the child retain what he learned and to address any weakness he may experience in a particular topic. It is designed in such a way that it helps the child reinforce the existing knowledge they possess while simultaneously introducing new topics.

Another main advantage is that the app’s intelligent technology lets parents receive a snapshot of their child’s progress on the go. 

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