10 of the Best Learn and Play Toys for Toddlers

May 4, 2020

Every parent always wants the best for their child and sometimes it also leads to wanting their child to be the best. The world has increasingly become a very tough competition where everyone’s trying to get ahead of one another and so parents want their toddlers to start learning at an early age. But one doesn’t need to choose between education and fun for their tiny tots. Parents can now use it to learn and play toys for toddlers which will make them enjoy their time while also keeping them busy with learning new things every day. 

The time between birth and 3-4 years of age is crucial for the development of a baby and with the help of learning and playing toys for toddlers, parents can instil a sense of curiosity in their kids. They will engage your kids for longer than usual and it will also fulfil the child’s requirement for brain stimulation which can increase their impact on the toddler’s brain. Educational toys help them give a head start in life by making them fall in love with learning and make them curious for knowing and solving things.

What are the best kinds of ‘learn and play’ toys for toddlers?

New companies keep releasing new toys every other week. With the advent of technology, there are more options than ever before. But electronic gadgets that endeavour to make children scientists or engineers should be ignored because the best toys you can choose for your toddlers at this is are the ones that don’t require electricity or battery. 

Parents need to have more open-ended toys for their kids which can be used in more than one way and hence create a sense of fun, entertainment as well as independent thinking in the child. It’s best to keep them away from gadgets at such an early age. Open ended toys help the kid be independent and in charge of his own playtime.

Therefore, we need more unstructured, creative, interactive play, as this helps stimulate the cognitive and language skills of the toddler and this skill building at an early age can have a very positive impact on the kids. 

1. Building Blocks : These toys help make your kid inquisitive and constructive. One of the easiest types to play with, building blocks can engage your kid for a long time and it will inspire your child’s imagination in making different things out of the blocks. A normal set contains blocks of different colour, shapes and sizes which will definitely attract the toddlers.

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2. Toy tool box: This can be a fun and learning experiment for kids. One of the ‘best learn and play toys’, the tool box helps kids understand reality and mechanics and makes them interested in getting to know the deep side of things. The tools are colourful and perfectly sized for the hands of little kids. The set normally contains pliers, spanners, wrench, hammer, etc. with which your child can play all the time.

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3. Geometric stacker: A mathematical yet simple toy, a geometric stacker can be a lot of fun to play with and teach your kid about the shapes and sizes present around him in the world. It comes with easy to grasp shapes like rings, rectangles, and octagons and playing with this can help your child develop hand-eye coordination and differentiation skills as well.

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4. Music Band set: This toy can help with developing motor skills and also a sense of music so that your child gets familiar with sounds. It has little drums, sticks, piano etc. which can provide an interactive and fun time. This set shows that ‘learn and play’ toys for toddlers need not be boring and monotonous but can show your kid a really good time.

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5. Art centre: An art centre is a small panel where your toddler can draw anything they want. It is a small and fun sort of blackboard where they can scribble, draw, sketch, doodle. Not only this but it has paint, crayons, play doh which makes it one of the most versatile learn and play toys for toddlers. The possibilities are endless and so are the results of this fun activity.

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6. Wooden Puzzles:  This toy can be great for passing time as well as learning. There are different cartoons, shapes, number jigsaws available online which can give different types of experiences to your kids. This will help them improve their cognitive and motor  skills and develop early hand-eye coordination.

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7. Musical Rhymes Book: Sound is a very important component of developing the brain of your toddler. The more he identifies with sounds, the better will be his speech skills. A music book is thus a good way to familiarise your baby with sounds and rhythms which can be a plus. It is a source of entertainment and fun and the toddler will also enjoy sliding and playing with the rhyme book, helping in his motor skills.

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8. Wooden Spike hedgehog: This toy is also a great help in improving your kids’  motor and coordination skills as they will have to place the right spike in the right hole which varies in size. It is a simple yet fun learn and play toy for toddlers as its shape and colours attract the kids and keep them engaged for quite a while.

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9. Learn and count cookie jar- This is the classic personification of learn and play toys for toddlers. The cookie jar has numbered cookies that the toddler has to put in. The numbers on the cookies will familiarise your kids with maths and you can teach them counting which they will learn at a later stage. It also creates problem solving abilities in the kids.

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10. Interlocking Number alphabet puzzle: A set of around 36 pieces, with attractive colorful tiles, this toy has interlockable tiles that have numbers and alphabets printed on them. It can be an extremely fun way to learn and the kids can lock and tack the tiles in different shapes and designs, giving them the freedom to use and develop their creative abilities. They can build mats, buildings or random shapes and it will also develop their interest in recognizing numbers and alphabets.

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Conclusion :

These toys will fulfil the physical, educational, emotional skills of the toddlers. These ‘learn and play’ toys for toddlers help them in skill-building as well as show them a good time. Toys can be a way of teaching kids about language, cognition, speech, big movements (also called gross motor skills), hand and finger movements (also called fine motor skills) and social-emotional behavior. 

Remember, sitting in front of a screen and listening or watching things will just end up making them mute spectators.

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