10 Best Language Learning Apps For Kids (Android and iOS)

July 16, 2020

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, knowing multiple languages has become a must-have. Not only does it spruce up your resume and make you stand out from the rest of your peers, it opens up many more doors for you like making travelling to a foreign destination easy. Such is its importance that even schools have added at least one foreign language to their curriculum.

Making your kids learn a new language when they are young is a plus because at this age they are more eager to learn new things and they grasp new materials with ease. Learning a new language is also linked with improving critical thinking, observational and problem solving skills.

With the help of technology, you can give your child a head start by letting them learn a completely new language in a fun and engaging way. As the internet is booming with knowledge and resources, one can get lost trying to find the apt language learning source for their children. But look no further as we have compiled a list of the best language learning apps that are suitable for kids.

FluentU – iOS app for personalized language learning

This personalized app is suitable for learning for language at any level – from beginner to expert. With the help of real videos that include movie trailers, cartoons, music videos that are equipped with captions, FluentU can help kids learn a language in a seamless innovative way.

As the app is personalized, it has the ability to align with your pace and teach you in a manner that best suits you. For kids, particularly, the “learn mode” is the most apt as it provides a learning experience with the help of videos, images, and flashcards. The app assists you in learning English, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Japanese, with more languages on the way! 

Fluentu app

FabuLinguaiOS app for Spanish learning

A Spanish language learning app that helps your kid pick up the language by narrating interesting children’s stories! With every story, new characters are introduced in the mix with which your kids can interact in Spanish through various interactive personalities. As you see the story being narrated on the screen in Spanish, the same will be then followed by English which helps the children towards a natural reception of being bilingual.

In wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, FabuLingua has made their learning app free of charge for kids. 


Pacca Alpaca  – iOS app for kids above 2

What’s better than an adorable Alpaca that teaches you a new exciting language, right? Designed by language learning experts and digital media specialists, this app teaches basic words including numbers, shapes, and colors through a fun journey with an alpaca guide.

With nine levels that consist of audio bytes from native speakers that are also replayable, one can collect souvenirs on the journey that apart from motivating you, also ultimately unlock a new video. You can also open Pacca Alpaca’s satchel and practice the words you learned! The app offers English, German, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Spanish and is suitable for kids above age 2. 

Gus on the go: French for Kids – iOS app for learning French

Gus the friendly owl helps you learn the basic vocabulary and concepts of a new language through the help of engaging visuals and fun lessons. Every completed lesson is followed by the unlocking of a fun game that revises what your child has learned so it sets in their brain. Through country and city maps, your child travels to several locations and there they meet animals and learn about food and clothes in an interactive way. There’s also a trophy room for your child’s achievements which they can show off!

french learning

Mondly (Android app with 30+ languages)

This is one of the most renowned language learning apps that specifically has a kids version. Featuring more than 30 languages from French, German, Russian, Italian to Persian, the app’s immersive and interactive technology makes it a fun way to learn. It provides a structured way of learning by offering lessons that increase in difficulty gradually.

The learning tasks include activities like matching vocabulary to the right picture to forming sentences. Your kid can also have an interactive conversation with a native speaker and use the verb conjugator to perfect their grammar and improve their pronunciation by listening to voiceovers. Additionally, it also consists of a daily puzzle that motivates your child towards learning the language. 


Duolingo (Free Android English learning app)

The most famous language learning app out there, Duolingo is a lively app that uses the help of games like quizzes to help your kid learn 30+ languages. Your child can start their lesson as a beginner or if they have some know how of the language they can opt for a more advanced level. With each new lesson, your child will learn new words that will increase his/her vocabulary and help them in reading, writing, speaking, and listening to the language.

For every correct answer there is a reward and if you get an answer wrong you can revisit your area of weakness. 


Studycat (iOS app to learn English with fun)

An app created by parents and teachers, this app works towards igniting motivation and curiosity while learning a new language. Targeted for children between the age of 3 to 10, the app is a combination of conventional language learning with fun, interesting games that make the lesson more fun for children.

The lessons include common vocabulary like colors, animals, fruits, and so on, The words are presented with the help of audio repeatedly so that the user can learn the correct pronunciation and affliction. There’s also an original score coupled with animations to capture the child’s attention. The app offers English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish.


MindSnacks  (iOS app for Spanish learning)

This is a unique language learning app that is based on games. The purpose of the game is to build up vocabulary, conversational expertise and reading, writing and listening skills that can be achieved through more than 50 lessons and over 1000 words and 40 side quests. There are 6 exciting games that incorporate all these lessons. Your child can play these fun games while simultaneously learning the language. The languages available on the app are Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Portuguese.


Endless Spanish  (Android app for Spanish learning)

This is an innovative language app for kids that introduces Spanish with the help of quirky Endless monsters. These cute and comical characters act out the meaning of words on Spanish using gaffing antics in videos. With their help, kids learn basic Spanish words as well as their context and usage.

Through an interactive word puzzle with animated letters, kids are encouraged and excited to learn new Spanish words. The app offers two audio modes – one for advanced learners and others for native English speakers.

endless spanish

Learn Languages with Amy (Android app for improving vocabulary)

This educational app for children aged 2 to 7 years, is a fun way to learn English, Polish, Spanish and Dutch. Your child can learn these languages in a playful way that includes 13 unique themes like Foods, Music, Sports, Clothing, Numbers, Shapes, etc. The aim of this app is to improve your child’s vocabulary as well as pronunciation. It can also help older children in improving their reading skills.

As your grasp of the language increases, you can even change the set of instructions from your native language to the one you are learning! 

learn with Amy

With interactive elements and gripping graphics of the above mentioned best language learning apps, your child will speak fluently in a new language in no time!

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