30+ Best Apps for Moms that can be the Life Changer

June 1, 2020

A mother’s hands are always full. Be it, tracking the growth of your child, keeping up with the academic calendar, maintaining a list for groceries, or a reminder to play the bills. The list is endless and every day of every week has to be meticulously planned to ensure the smooth functioning of your household. 

These ever growing responsibilities do not leave much time to pursue your hobbies and interests and can get a bit overwhelming at times. Fret not. Because here’s where technology comes in as a lifesaver.

To help moms, I have carefully curated a list of best apps for moms to make their lives a bit smoother.

However, a few of the apps may not be of use at this time as we all are suffering from a global pandemic Covid 19 but I believe that we will definitely come over from it soon.

Bookmark your favorite apps now from this list.

The Best Apps for Education

1. Child Reward – Download

When your child finishes some work around the house, he earns virtual points that motivate him. He can also avail real-time awards like TV time. 

2. DuolingoDownload

You can make your kid learn a new language in a fun and interesting way!

3. Lumosity – Download

Sharpen your kid’s mind through this app by letting them play different games that challenge their brains with topics including memory and problem solving.

4. Balloon Pop – Download

This is a fun app for preschoolers to learn alphabets, numbers, fruits and animals.

The Best Apps for Workout and Health

5. Sworkit – Download

This fitness app helps you through video workouts that are specifically tailored according to your capacity and goals. It feels like having a personal trainer in the comfort of your home.

6. CareZone – Download

Through this app, you can keep track of the medicines you’re supposed to take along with the doctor’s prescriptions and the dosage. It serves an all encompassing purpose of keeping track of your family’s medicinal intake.

7. Fitbit – Download

With this app you can count the number of steps you’ve walked in  a day, your calorie and food intake, workout and other fitness related stuff. You can also brag about your progress to your friends who also use fitbit.

8. FitMama – Download

With short workout videos that range from 5-10 minutes, this app helps you lose the weight you put on during your pregnancy really fast.

The Best Apps for Cooking

9. YummlyDownload

By collecting information from your social media account it creates a personalized feed of recipes that it thinks you might like. The recipes include information about health and nutrition as well.

10 Lunch Recipes – Download

You can get all sorts of lunch recipes at the tip of a button! With fresh new recipes to make your lunch everyday, it adds a bit of uniqueness to your meal. 

The Best Apps for Organizing

11. Cozi – Download

The Cozi app helps you keep your family well organized. With the app’s functions you can set reminders, create a to-do list that is also shareable, make a list of groceries as well as have a calendar that you can share with the rest of the family.

12. Picniic – Download

This app can serve as your own personal assistant and is a wonderful app to organize family matters. The app’s easily accessible features help you store all the necessary information about schedules and activities planned and notifies you regularly so you don’t forget anything.

13. GoKid – Download

This carpooling app is designed keeping in mind how hectic it can get for mom. You can use this app to create carpools with families that you know and trust with your child.

14. Remember The MilkDownload

By prioritizing tasks according to your deadlines it keeps you ahead of the game so you don’t miss out on anything. The reminders can come either through email or text, according to your preference.

15. Waze – Download

A community-based navigation app, Waze provides real-time traffic updates and road information and notifies you of any construction delays on your way to work.

The Best Apps for Budgets and Finance

16. ShopSavvy Barcode & QR ScannerDownload

This app scans the barcode of a product and then shows where you can get the best deals on that product.

17. VenmoDownload

If you’re short on cash you can pay instantly through Venmo. It can also be used for other things like paying the sitter, etc. Its simple setup lets you transfer money to the other person instantly.

18. Dashlane – Download

Store your credit card details or passwords to several accounts to make filing forms much easier.

19. Ebates – Download

You can save a lot on your purchases through this app. It applies to a lot of stores you can add up on your savings. It also has upto 40% cashback schemes!

The Best Apps for Pregnant and New Moms

20. Sprout Pregnancy – Download

This app helps you keep aware during your pregnancy and helps guide you through it. Its features include interactive movements, a journal for pregnant moms, a weight tracker and even a contraction timer.

21. Breastfeeding Newborn trackerDownload

As a new mother is overwhelmed, she can forget when was the last time she breastfed her child. This app helps moms keep track of that. It also functions as a list of other activities for the child such as nappy changing, bath, massage, play, etc.

22. White Noise GeneratorDownload

The app plays a variety of music that also includes white noise. You can use it to relax your baby so he can fall asleep.

23. Preglife – Download

This app serves as a calendar to track your pregnancy and check how far along you are on your due date.

24. Kegel Trainer – Download

This app prepares you well in advance for your pregnancy through kegel exercises. It also comes in handy post-pregnancy.

 Best Apps for Shopping

25. GrouponDownload

This app serves as a great tool to find local merchants and buy products you need at a great bargain. You can plan a fun activity for your family within a budget and even get deals that are up to 70% off.

26. Romwe – Download

If you can’t find the time to go to the mall on a shopping spree you can do so from the comfort of your home. This app can help you find the best outfit for you with their wide range of fashion apparels. They also offer discounts so you can get your favourite dress at the lowest rate!

The Best Apps for Socializing

27. MeetupDownload

This is the perfect app to meet fellow moms by signing up for a local mom event. You can connect through local groups and meet other moms and share your experiences.

28. Hoplr – Download

This app lets you connect with people in your neighbourhood so you can plan fun activities together on the basis of your interests.

29. – Download

This app can help you sell and even buy stuff locally. It is very mom-friendly and you can make the deal through the in-app chat.

The Best Apps for Entertainment

30. Keepy – Download

This app is for parents who have artistic kids but there’s no space left on the refrigerator or walls to paste their beautiful art. Keepy lets you store your child’s creations digitally where you also have the option of printing them out.

31. PrismaDownload

It turns your photos into works of art by taking inspiration from art styles. Moms can use this app to share their favourite family photos on social media.


This was the list of all useful apps that a mom needs for making her life easier. Please let me know if you want to add any other app in this list. Comment below.

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